July’s Theme is 1940s

Having already read one book in this era, I have decided to make the 1940’s my first monthly theme. I have quite a few books and movies that fit so it’s the perfect start.

In my first week I have read The Separation by Christopher Priest. A book that deals with alternate realities, identical twins, doppelgangers, and WW2. I did very much enjoy this even though I’m not quite sure which was the “truth”. This book was a recent purchase.

Even though not strictly 1940 (published in 1939) I read What Happened to the Corbetts by Nevil Shute which had been waiting to be read for about 18 months (still had the receipt in it!) I grabbed it because I wanted to read another WW2 book. It’s a prophetic novel on the bombing of Southampton destroying the infrastructure and leaving the inhabitants vulnerable to the spread of diseases such as cholera. The story follows one family’s fight for survival. I’ve read several of Shute’s novels and have always enjoyed them. I initially found the wife (Joan) irritating with her whining about having to care for the children on her own when the nurse and maid left, but through out the book becomes less whiny and shows her strength. My one grumble with the book was with all the concern regarding water, that no one seemed to think about catching rainwater!

I haven’t watched anything yet, but have discovered the joys of internet radio – yes, I’m a bit behind! I’ve been listening at times to Radio Swing Worldwide http://radioswingworldwide.rad.io/  It’s not an era I have much of in the way of music.


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